Wednesday, March 31, 2004

First ever experience in Operating Theatre

Today was an exciting day. It was my first ever experience to witness a real operation. Full of blood and strange smells. I witnessed a skull operation, starting from the incision of the head skin and the drilling of the skull to gain access into the brain. There’s certain set of costumes to be worn in the OT, green OT dress, mask, and cap.

When I got into the OT, it’s quite hectic inside. The nurse was still busy preparing some equipment while the doctors started doing the operation. There was lots of blood flowing from the incision made on the skin covering the skull. The blood was then absorbed by the clothes provided, so on and so on. The skin was kept incised until the skull was revealed. It’s so smelly when the doctors start drilling the patient’s skull. The smell reminds me to the one when I got my teeth drilled. It took long time to drill the skull anyway. After the skull was opened, a microscope connected to a monitor was used. It’s become clearer to see how the doctor accessed the tumor. Yet, I did not follow the entire operation. I was already hungry.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A hospital or a shopping mall??

It’s been the first time I visited TTSH. Well, it wouldn't have been if now is SARS period, coz it was where all the SARS cases were centralized in. I was amazed that TTSH is actually a sophisticated building with all the stores in. Still couldn’t believe that it’s a hospital. There are Starbucks, seven eleven, coffee shop, bookshop inside! There’s where my life would be for the coming 2 years, doing research. hm....

First briefing on my project in TTSH.

The project officer is very nice and helpful, Charles. Well, he helped me to print the forms and fotocopy required documents. A short discussion on the project was too. He briefed me on some rule as well, where my cubicle will be, how’s my working hours could be, my access card and name tag too! I was so excited about that name tag things! Haha.. such a kiddy. But, the name tag looks cool! Like a doctor!
He also said that I could spend my 24-hour there, provided I am dare to be alone there. Yeah, hospital is normally ghostly. Kekekeke...
So how? Quite excited to start my work there ??? hahaha… not that sure yet! Just see what will happen then.