Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am back in Mumbai again...

Finally, I am back in Mumbai again.
Where have I been ?
Yeap, been outstationed to Gujarat state again for 3 weeks (25 days). This time I went to two different towns: Dholka and Mehsana.

Well, yeah... I would say that this trip was 'special'!
How could it not be special if I experienced the things that I've never experienced before! hahaha...

Starting from my departure. I had never been asked by the screening security in the airport to open my luggage before. It was my first time being asked to do so. I don't like it. It's very complicated to open heavily stuffed luggage and close it back again. I was surprised when they asked me to open my luggage as from the x-ray screen it was shown that I kept something with strange shape in my luggage. And, it was found to be a pack of 20 AAA batteries. And, they asked what they are for. I said, they are for my mp3 player. Hmm.. may be they suspected me bringing the battery to do something dangerous. Don't worry, I could not do anything better than using that battery for my mp3 player.

In Dholka, I stayed in a hotel. Hmm.. not a so good hotel. The hotel is a part of a holiday resort. It is located in the middle of nowhere. The first impression when I arrived in the hotel: this is such a creepy place!!!
Yes, indeed it is creepy. I stayed in a room which is haunted !!! hahaha....
I am a person who is not easy to get scared of. I like to watch horror movies; I have no problem staying by myself, so far. I am not scared, unless I really experienced something scary.

Why I said that room is haunted?

First evidence: I experienced something scary while I was halfly asleep and awake.
I don't want to tell the complete story here, but let me put it this way: I experienced something that I have never experienced before about the ghost thingy!

Second evidence: once, I have ever seen a thin black shadow floating in the air an then disappear in that room.

Third evidence: often, I noticed that the loudspeaker of the tv in the room having interference. There was a 'brebet brebet' kind of sound coming out from the loudspeaker. The sound is like when you are placing your mobile phone near the loudspeaker of your computer, and there is an incoming call about to come. As far as I know, interference could happen when a system is affected by an external disturbance with close or at the natural frequency of the system. So, I think the tv must have been affected by 'an external disturbance' so that it caused interference. I placed my mobile phone far away from the tv and no other electronic appliances nearby the tv. I also tried to observe the tv sets in other rooms, and they were just fine. So? It must be 'something'....
Okay, enough about the ghost thingy...

Last but not the least... I lost my PDA phone in that hotel!!! Damn!!
I lost my dopod there. I forgot to bring it when I left the hotel; and when I came back, it was gone.
I seldom lost my belongings. I used to be very good in doing house keeping of my belongings. Well, may be I used to be doing it, but not anymore now. hahaha...
Okay, let it be. Too bad, they forgot to take the charger. They should have told me to leave the charger too.

Not long after that, I was then transferred to another town, Mehsana. The town where I went last year. The situation there is better. I stayed in a better hotel there.

Oh, well... this is the life of a field engineer. As what my manager said: we do a lot of travelling; sometimes we go to very beautiful places that you could not imagine, but sometimes we travel to the places that we don't want to be there.
Yes, I agree with you, Sir.


Anonymous larissa said...

hihihihihihihiihi kowai desu neee... ada hantuuuu!

1:01 AM  
Blogger dils said...

haik haik, hantu wa arimasu..

8:32 PM  
Blogger m.a. sanjaya said...

kasihan ama hantunya...

7:25 AM  

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