Thursday, January 04, 2007

what's up dude!

It's been looongg time I did not post anything here.
Now that I am working, I have less time to do blogwalking, even posting anything in my blog.

So, what's up?

I am now working in an oilfield related company. Well, it's quite unrelated to my previous studies anyway.
Now, it's almost my 3rd month with the company. So far it's good, though there were times when I felt so stressed out and almost making me crazy! hahaha... but, it's life. No pain, no gain.

The company has brought me to Dubai in my first working day. Staying there for a week for a short course. I had fun there, meeting friends from all over the world, 31 nationalities, 77 people.
The following week, I flew off to Mumbai, my assigned location. Been in Mumbai until now.

For 3 weeks, I was out stationed in Gujarat state. I stayed in Mehsana, a small town in Gujarat state, 80 km from Ahmedabad (the capital of Gujarat). I was there for a field trip. It was very hot in the afternoon, but very cold at night. It could go as low as 15 degC as it was winter. Unique thing about Gujarat is that they rarely provide non-vegetarian food. I had hard time there to find non-vegetarian food.

After coming back from field trip, I enjoyed the office life more as I've got more friends by then. They are not new people, it's just that when I was in the office last time, they were in the field trip and some were in school for training. We had fun in the office, we made our own outing, and we made party.

Now the fun times with my friends are over. They are back to field again, and going to school. I will go to field again, I guess. Yeah, office life is quite boring without them. hahaha... nobody to hang around with but the managers. Well, it's okay... I enjoy it so far.

Actually, I wish to share a lot more stories here. But, let see if I have other spare time again.


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