Saturday, January 06, 2007

What normally new people got wrong about me

Ever since I was in this new place, I've met lot's of new people. Well, as per normal procedure, meeting new people will involve certain questions about who we are, where do we come from, how old we are, etc. Among the questions, what people normally got wrong about me are:

1. Nationality or where I come from

Here, mostly people would never guess that I am from Indonesia. So far, people have guessed me as being from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea (this is new), and the closest guess was Malaysia.
Even after saying that I am Indonesian, they still say that I don't look like an Indonesian.
Actually this does not only happen while I am here, but it has happened since I am in Singapore. Many people there also got wrong about me.
So, what should I do to look more Indonesian ???

2. Age

About this one, people never guessed this even closer! hahaha....
The range of the guesses was 22-24, at most 25 year old. Not only guys guessed me wrong, but also girls.
I expected girls to make a better guess, but they never did :D

I asked my friend about the reason why she could not guess my age right.
"I can't believe you are 27. No, you can't be."
"No, really, I am old. I am 27!"
"I even thought that you are younger than me. I am 25."
"I've been wondering why people always got wrong about my age. Is it because of my look or my behaviour that is childish?"
"No no, behaviour-wise, you are definitely more matured than me. It's just that you don't look like being that old."
"Really??" *grin*


Blogger Bina said...

It's just that you don't look like being that old ==> suit suit kak dil

1:53 PM  
Blogger dils said...

suit suit, piwit prikitiuw...
*djangan gitu dong...*

4:27 PM  

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