Tuesday, July 20, 2004

KL Trip - level 1 alert was turned ON

My First KL visit was really unforgettable. Not because it was my first one, but it's more about the impression that had been left.

I admitted that KL has good modern lanscapes; nice tall buildings, featuring Petronas - the wellknown twin towers, nice parks, big malls, etc. Unfortunately, the beauty is not worth enjoying when security is at risk. Well, I might seem to be too exagerating; may be it's because of the experience that I encountered during my first few hours arriving there.

It was very early in the morning, 3 am, when we (my and my roommate's families) arrived in Pudu Raya bus terminal. We had nowhere to go that we just wandered around the terminal and enjoyed some hot drinks in the open-air coffee shops. When the morning prayer time came, we headed to the prayer place inside the terminal. We took turn to pray and take care of our bags. I and my roommate had the first turn to keep an eye on the bags. The bags were put on the prayer place's verandah. We chit chatted while overseeing the bags and tried to watch out of any suspicious persons. And, what I felt, during my turn, everything was just fine.

Then it came to turn rotation. We decided to bring the bags inside the praying room. I was the last to bring the bags in, and had checked that nothing was left out. Then, I went out to the ablution place for awhile. Upon returning, my roommate's mom started to get panicked as she couldn't find her handbag. Instead, she found a quite similar one, which has been purposely used to swap by the thief. The replacement bag had nothing inside, of course. The worst thing was, their pasports were all inside the lost handbag! and also some important cards and money.

Can imagine how busy we were dealing with that! Wandering around the terminal, try to seek help from the police and people, yet, no result. That had ruined our planned trip. We then had to split, as my roomie's family had to go to embassy and imigration to deal with their travel documents.
Although I and my family could continue my planned trip, yet we had lost our mood and been such a freak being there. Always securely kept our bags and being curious to anybody suspicious. Ow... what a paranoid!
At the end we only managed to visit Petronas tower and wandering around there before we went back to Singapore in the evening on the same day. Unfortunately, my roomie's family had to stay back due to their unfinished matter.

It feels like being home, when we stepped our foot in Singapore land. There's no need to be freaked out anymore. Level 1 alert was down finally. How different the feeling was, when we came back to Singapore again. I now appreciate how lucky I am living in a place like Singapore.

Dils note:
I don't know but I believe that something are meant to be. Everything happened for a reason, especially an extraordinary thing: whether it's as a sign for something or a warning, or some other things. This could be for the one experiencing or the one witnessing.


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